Welmar A2

This 1973 model is in a lovely dark mahogany satin finish. It is a beautifully medium toned piano from arguably Britain’s best manufacturer, and is a highly sought after make. It is perfect for robust advanced players.


Fuchs & Mohr

This mid-late 1970’s Fuchs & Mohr is a great starter piano and perfect for beginner- intermediate players. It is light mahogany in colour with a satin finish and a small modern sloping case. It is extremely reliable and produces a lovely mellow tone.


Kemble 6 Octave

This 6 octave Rackhams compact piano was originally sold by Harrods and manufactured by Kemble in the late 1970’s. It is ideal for someone with limited space who wants a better quality second hand piano. It is medium mahogany in a satin finish and has a medium bright tone.


Knight K10

This pale gloss mahogany Knight has a bright tone and a light touch, with excellent build quality, perfect for more advanced players. It has less than perfect case work which means you can pick up a high quality piano at a lower price. The casework can be quoted to be improved through a specialist but it is currently unknown how much can be done to it.



Local Delivery can be arranged with a specialist firm for an extra £90.